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Case Studies

Information Management

Systems that support multi-jurisdictional processes, i.e. global payroll, immigration tool etc. have their information management built on-top of distributed network entities, i.e. governments, tax authorities, legal firms, accountancy firms etc.

We build software to manage this information allowing for its commoditization and be delivered through technology, supporting clients in real time and in a transparent, systematic, and consistent manner.

Managing Payroll for Mobile Employees

Mobile employees need to be managed on payroll systems in each of the countries they work in. However, to simplify operation large companies run country payrolls independently creating a mismatch in available and required functionality for this group. We build systems to integrate payrolls, incorporating the interaction and feedback mechanisms demanded by a mobile population. Leveraging the existing infrastructure where possible while overlaying it with a coordinating layer.

Taxation of Deferred Compensation

Where employees earn long term compensation, i.e. cash bonuses, stock options, restricted stock awards etc. the income is earned over an extended period of time. If an employee worked in multiple jurisdictions over this ‘earnings period’ each is going to want It’s share of taxes due.

We build software that calculates what income needs to be reported and withheld in each jurisdictions the employee has acquired some form of tax residency during the lifetime of the award.

Tracking and Supporting Business Travel

The post-Covid world is moving to more high-frequency mobility in the form of business travel. When this travel becomes frequent, it leads to immigration and tax compliance challenges for the employing company.

We build systems to not only track when such regulatory triggers are met by business travel, but also how to migrate those employees to more internationally focussed processes so they can continue with their day-to-day work.

International Assignee Tracking and Initiation

Assignees tend to have much more complex employment contracts than regular employees. Their children may need schooling, the company will likely pay their accommodation costs and even taxes, etc.

We build systems to determine the benefits and allowances an employee requires given their home and host countries, seniority, assignment policy etc.

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