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About Us

We specialise in providing high quality system/software development, consulting, and outsourcing solutions to multinational organizations.

Our goal is to promote and support employee mobility, helping companies maximize a diversity of ideas, visions, cultures and expertise across their network. Helping them realize their goals and strategies.

Our Approach

Our Consultants and Developers focus on client’s business models and processes, along with knowledge of the international landscape they operate across.


Complex problems cannot be solved without a deep understanding of the problem domain.


We emphasise a business down approach to problem solving, not technology up.

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Image by Cristiano Firmani

Our Tech

Technology is evolving at an incredible pace, going through the digital equivalent of the Cambrian explosion. Moore’s law combined with advances in AI, data analytics, development environments, automated code-reviews, software languages, design patterns etc. continually bring new tools to fill the needs of large organizations. However, some things do not change, problem focused principled system design will always be fundamental to any successful system.

One of the other key differentiators for Aethersys is our experience in the use of technology to solve real world problems. That experience enables us to tell the difference between new tools that are really filling a gap in the landscape of problem and those which are fads or so niche that they are not generally applicable.

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